Chicago Electric 66944 Marine Battery User Manual

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not use more than 80 watts during
continuous operation, otherwise the
Inverter may overload.
Note: This unit has an automatic shut off
feature if output is over 125 watts or if
input is under 10.5VDC.
Caution: Some rechargeable appliances
may damage the Power Inverter
or the appliance. When rst using
a rechargeable device, check the
inverter’s temperature for the rst 10
minutes. If it becomes abnormally
hot, do not use this device with the
Caution: It is recommended that the ve-
hicle be running when you rst con-
nect the Power Inverter. Thereafter
the engine can be on or off. If you run
the Power Inverter with the engine
off it is recommended that you start
and run the engine every hour for at
least 10 minutes to recharge the bat-
tery. Doing this will help prevent any
unexpected shutdown of the equip-
ment. This will also help ensure that
there will be enough battery power
to start the vehicle. Due to the risk
of carbon monoxide inhalation, do
not run the vehicle’s engine within
an enclosed area.
You should not use your car battery
to power the Inverter for extended pe-
riods of time with appliances requir-
ing high continuous load levels. The
battery may become drained to the
point that it will not be able to start
your car.
Note: Deep cycle (marine and RV) bat-
teries can be charged more times
than a car battery, and are a better
choice for repeated use of the Power
Do not discharge your car battery
more than 10% of its total capacity,
and deep cycle batteries more than a
50% discharged state.
Keep this unit clean and dry. Discon-
nect the unit before cleaning. Clean
only the outside of this unit with a
soft, dry cloth; never clean this unit
with water or harsh cleaners.
Discharge unit before continuing.1.
Figure 2
End of Cigarette
Outlet Adapter
2. If the fuse needs replacing:
Disconnect the Inverter from the a.
cigarette lighter type outlet.
Unthread the end of the Cigarette b.
Outlet Adapter, turning the end coun-
terclockwise. The pieces are spring
tensioned, so be careful so the fuse
doesn’t pop out.
Remove the spent fuse and replace c.
with a new fuse.
Replace the end of the Cigarette d.
Outlet Adapter, pressing the sections
together and threading closed in a
clockwise direction.
Note: Aside from the fuse, this device
does not contain any user replace-
able parts. If it needs service, take it
to a qualied technician.