Cisco Systems 1700 Outboard Motor User Manual

Cisco 1700 Series Router Software Configuration Guide
ROM Monitor
This appendix describes the Cisco router ROM monitor (also called the bootstrap
program). The ROM monitor firmware runs when the router is powered up or
reset. The firmware helps to initialize the processor hardware and boot the
operating system software. You can perform certain configuration tasks, such as
recovering a lost password or downloading software over the console port, by
using the ROM monitor. If there is no Cisco IOS software image loaded on the
router, the ROM monitor runs the router.
This appendix contains the following sections:
Entering the ROM Monitor
ROM Monitor Commands
Command Descriptions
Disaster Recovery with TFTP Download
Configuration Register
Console Download
Entering the ROM Monitor
To use the ROM monitor, you must be using a terminal or PC that is connected to
the router by means of the console port. Refer to the installation chapter in the
Hardware Installation Guide for your router, for information about connecting the
router to a PC or terminal.