Garmin TR-1 Marine Instruments User Manual

Thank You
Thank You for the purchase of your TR-1 Gladiator wireless remote. TR-1 wireless remote has been
designed to give shermen that competitive edge in shing and unparalleled precision and control of
their boat. TR-1 Autopilots is dedicated to create the nest controls and guidance systems for the best in
boating and shing.
You are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of your vessel. Your TR-1 Gladiator autopilot
and wireless remote is a tool that will enhance your capability to operate your boat. It does not relieve
you from the responsibility for safe operation of your vessel. You must avoid hazards to navigation and
never leave the helm unattended.
You must always be prepared to promptly regain manual control of your boat. The autopilot steering
can fail and hard over.
Learn to operate your autopilot on calm and hazard free waters.
Simultaneous operation of several radio-controlled autopilots in near proximity may cause the
autopilot to fail to respond to keypad button presses. The near boat transmitter may jam your
boat’s receiver but will not control your autopilot or render the wired remote useless.
The Wireless remote will not respond as quickly to multiple button presses as the wired remote.
There is a remote possibility that talking on a cellphone may interfere with, and possibly jam the radio
receiver. Please use caution.
The wireless remote keypad is not waterproof. Do not expose the remote to rain or water
spray. Water in the remote will cause it to malfunction. In the event the remote does get
wet, remove the battery from the remote immediately. If the remote is subject to salt-water
incursion, remove the battery and gently rinse the disassembled unit with clean isopropyl
alcohol and let it dry out before re-assembly and reuse.
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