Graco 239877 Marine Sanitation System User Manual

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Air and Fluid Line and Accessories
See Fig. 2 above.
Three accessories are required in your system: an
air shut-off valve/air bleed device, fluid drain valve,
and ground wire. These accessories help reduce
the risk of serious bodily injury, including fluid
injection, splashing in the eyes or on the skin,
injury from moving parts if you are adjusting or
repairing the pump, and explosion from static
D The air bleed device relieves air trapped
between it and the air motor after the air supply
is shut off. Trapped air can cause the air motor
to cycle unexpectedly, causing serious injury if
you are adjusting or repairing the pump. Use a
bleed-type master air valve (J). Install them
near the pump air inlet within easy reach from
the pump.
D The fluid drain valve (K) assists in relieving fluid
pressure in the displacement pump, hoses, and
dispensing valve. Triggering the valve to relieve
pressure may not be sufficient.
D The ground wire (B) reduces the risk of static
Do not hang the air accessories directly on the air
inlet. The fittings are not strong enough to support
the accessories and may cause one or more to
break. Provide a bracket on which to mount the
NOTE: Install the air line accessories in the order
shown in Fig. 2.
1. Install a pump runaway valve (G) to shut off the air
to the pump if the pump accelerates beyond the
pre-adjusted setting. A pump that runs too fast
can be seriously damaged.
2. Install an air line lubricator (F) for automatic air
motor lubrication.
3. Install a bleed-type master air valve (J) to relieve
air trapped between the valve and the motor (see
WARNING at left). Order Part No. 107142.
4. Install the air regulator (C) to control pump speed
and pressure (see WARNING at left).
5. Install an air line filter (E) to remove harmful dirt
and contaminants from your compressed air
6. Install a second bleed-type master air valve (J)
upstream from all other accessories, to isolate the
accessories for servicing.