Harbor Freight Tools 69662 Marine Battery User Manual

Page 5For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.Item 69662
Input Voltage 12-15 VDC
Output Voltage 115 V~, 60 Hz
Continuous Power 2000 Watt
Surge Power 4000 Watt
Operating Conditions 32° - 104° F
AC Receptacles Three 3-prong grounded polarized outlets
Fuse Type
Eight 30 Amp Internal Blade-type Fuses
(professional replacement only)
Minimum Battery Cable
required (not included)
For a 6" cable: 2 AWG or thicker
For a 10' cable: 00 AWG or thicker
Overall Dimensions 10" L x 9" W x 3-1/2" H
Output Waveform
This inverter’s output is a Modified Sine Wave.
Power from most electric utilities is a Sine Wave.
Note: Only multimeters identified as “TRUE RMS“
will read Modified Sine Wave voltage accurately.
2. Modified Sine Wave (MSW) power is suitable
for most AC devices and power supplies used in
electronic equipment, transformers, and motors. Do
not use to power sensitive devices such as medical
equipment or computers. Some audio equipment may
perform poorly if run on Modified Sine Wave power.
3. Sine Wave inverters provide power that is identical
to, or even better than, the power supplied by
your power company. Motors start easier and run
cooler under Sine Wave power. Certain devices,
such as laser printers, variable speed motors and
digital clocks, require sine wave power to operate
properly. Sine wave inverters are typically more
expensive for their capacity than other inverters.