Patton electronic RS-449/422 to V.35 Marine Battery User Manual

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• Bidirectionally converts synchronous RS-449/422 to V.35
• Data rates to 2 Mbps, full or half duplex
• Transparent to protocol
• No AC power or batteries required
• Various DCE/DTE combinations available
• DB-37 and M/34 connectors with integral 6 foot cable
• Circuitry housed in a miniature case
• Made in the USA
The Model 2015 RS-449/422 to V.35 converter lets a
synchronous RS-449/422 device communicate bi-directionally with a
synchronous V.35 device. The Model 2015 requires no AC power or
batteries to operate and supports data rates to 2 Mbps. Operating full
or half duplex, the Model 2015 passes all necessary clocking and
control signals, and is transparent to protocol.
The Patton Model 2015 connects directly to the synchronous
RS-449/422 interface using a male or female DB-37 connector. A male
or female M/34 connector at the end of an integral 6 foot cable plugs
into the V.35 device. Models with any combination of "DCE" and "DTE"
wiring are available, thus eliminating the need for special crossover
Housed in an ultra-miniature case measuring only 2.66" x 2.10" x
0.73", the Model 2015 fits easily into tight locations. Like all Patton
products, the Model 2015 is manufactured by Patton Electronics in the
The Patton Model 2015 is very simple to install. Just plug it in like
a normal cable and you're ready to go: no configuration is necessary!
Since the Model 2015 is available in various combinations of genders
and DCE/DTE orientations, many applications are possible. Figures 1
and 2 show two possible applications for the Model 2015.
RS-449/422 DTE
V.35 Modem
V.35 Mini Computer
RS-449/422 DCE
Figure 1. A common RS-449/422 DTE to V.35 DCE installation
Figure 2. A common V.35 DTE to RS-449/422 DCE installation.