Sima Products M-SERIES Marine Battery User Manual

Sima Products Corporation
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Bldg. #5
Oakmont, PA 15139
P/N 21683 01.7
Congratulations on your purchase of the STP-150 Power Inverter. It
lets you provide 115 Volts AC anywhere you have 12 volts; in your car,
truck, RV or boat. It is designed to be easy to use and provide years
of dependable service.
Read all the Cautions and Warnings before installing and using the
power inverter. The inverter must be properly installed. If you are not
familiar with 12 volt, high-current wiring, it is recommended that you
have a professional automotive installer install the inverter.
The STP-150 generates 115 Volts AC power from your 12 volt
car battery. Treat the 115 Volt AC output just like you treat
the 115 Volt AC in your house. It is just as dangerous.
Keep away from children.
With heavy use, the unit will become warm and possibly hot.
Keep it away from any heat sensitive materials.
Do not connect the unit to AC distribution wiring.
Keep the unit away from water. Do not allow water to drip or
splash on the STP-150
Keep the unit in cool environments. Ambient air temperature
should be between 40 degrees and 80 degrees F.
Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents.
Keep the unit away from flammable material or in any location
which may accumulate flammable fumes or gases, such as the
battery compartment of your car, boat, RV or truck.
Health Advisory
Sima Products does not authorize the use of the STP-150 with any
products to be used in life support devices or systems.
Model No. ____________
Date Purchased ___________
Parts supplied with STP-150
STP-150 Power Inverter with cigarette plug
Spare 15 amp fuse
User Instructions (This document)
Key Features
The STP-150 is designed for high-efficiency operation to
provide the most output with the least battery power usage.
Advanced protection
Thermal Protection shuts the unit off to guard against
the unit getting too hot
Overload Protection protects the unit from excessive
Under Voltage Protection turns the unit off to protect
the battery from being over discharged
This Sima power inverter produces a modified sine wave output
which is suitable for most AC loads. This includes lights,
appliances, motors, TVs and most electronics.
CAUTION: There are a few battery chargers that are not
compatible with modified sine wave operation. These are
typically small rechargeable, battery-operated devices like razors
and flashlights that can be plugged directly into an AC receptacle
to recharge.
Some chargers for battery packs used in power tools also
should not be used with an inverter. These chargers typically
have a warning label indicating that dangerous voltages are
present at the battery terminals. Only a true sine wave inverter
should be used with these types of appliances. Damage to the
device could result if you attempt to use them with any type of
modified sine wave inverter.
Warning: Do not use the Sima power inverter
with the devices mentioned above!