a message stating E5 sensor went on, and the treadmill does not go above speed of 6. What needs to be done? Thanks!

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5 Had a similar problem, bracket holding the control board was slightly bent (from a ball being sucked under and through by the belt). Just straightened the bracket. Thanks for the tip!!
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3 e5: Sensor Message on a True Treadmill. This message may be displayed on the screen of a True Treadmill. This happened to me and a kind repair person at ProSource Fitness in Raleigh, NC talked me through the repair. Here is how to do it. 1. What does this mean? There is a speed sensor in the treadmill that senses the speed of the motor and treadmill. If this is not working, the treadmill will stop and display this message. The sensor may be non-functional (broken) or the it may be misaligned and not registering the speed correctly. 2. How to repair this. These are the instructions for a True 500 HRC. It is likely different on other models, but you will probably get some ideas from this example. * Unplug the treadmill from the wall. * Make sure the treadmill is unplugged from the wall (you can never be too safe). * Remove the tower from the base. BE CAREFUL HERE. There is a cable running from the tower to the base, and it is attached with a flat wire harness that plugs into the base. There may be anchors attaching the cable of wires to the base, protecting the connector from being pulled and broken. You may need to unplug the harness and disengage any anchors. DO NOT LET THE CABLE GET PULLED! You may need someone to help you. * Lay the tower on the ground. * Let's get oriented. Identify the electronics board, the motor, the pulley and belt connecting the motor to the front roller (which the big treadmill belt goes around). Stand at the front of the treadmill * The big blue cylinder is the motor * You can see the cable of wires ending in a flat connector above the motor * To the left of the connector are two LEDs. One will flash when the treadmill is on and the belt is running. It indicates that the sensor is picking up the speed of the treadmill. * The belt is on the right with the words “True Fitness” written on it. It goes around a pulley on the motor, and up and around the flywheel. * The flywheel is on the end of the front roller. * The sensor is a small (about 1 inch long) rectangle between the flywheel and the connector. I am holding it in the picture. This is a True 500. In order to function properly, the sensor must overlap, but not touch, the flywheel. * If you look at the side of the flywheel, there are a series of circular magnets(?) that interact with the sensor. As the flywheel goes around, the sensor detects the speed. It should be pointing at the flywheel: i.e. overlapping with the magnets in the flywheel. The sensor does not touch the flywheel. There is a gap between the two. * If the sensor is not pointed at the flywheel (overlapping the magnets as they spin by), it will not pick up the speed of the treadmill, resulting in the e5: sensor error message. * In my case, the metal support for the entire electronics board was loose, allowing the board to tilt forward (to the front of the treadmill). This positioned the sensor forward, and it was no longer overlapping (pointed at) the flywheel. This sensor can also be rotated as well, improving the alignment. * Can the sensor be broken and need replacing? I do not know how often, if ever, this happens. But looking at it, the sensor appears to plug in. Replacements are available for $20 to $30 depending on your model (at least the True models that I have seen). Here is one site to check. http://www.treadmilldoctor.com/?leadsource=10001 There are others. I cannot vouch for any of them as I have never ordered parts. * Once the sensor was realigned (by tightening the screws in the base of the bracket holding the electronics board), I plugged the treadmill back in and turned it on (being careful that nothing was going to be caught up by the motor and/or pulley, rotors, or other moving parts. I could see the LED (see above) flashing. * Replace the front tower CAREFULLY. Do not damage the cable and wires and connector doing this. * Plug the treadmill back in. Check the belt alignment and that all is well. That's it. It took me 30 minutes or less.
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2 It means that the speed sensor is not picking up the speed of the treadmill or it is non-functional. It may not sense the speed because it is not positioned correctly.
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