Oceanic 04.8367.24 Scuba Diving Equipment User Manual

© 2002 Design, 2011 Doc. No. 12-5216-r02 (9/6/11)
Altitude (i.e., ambient pressure) is measured upon activation and every 15 minutes until a dive is made.
> Measurements are only taken when the unit is dry.
> Two readings are taken, the second reading 5 seconds after the first. The readings must be within 1 foot (30 cm) of each
other to record that ambient pressure as the current Altitude.
> No adjustments are made during any time that the Wet Contacts are bridged.
> When diving in high altitude waters from 3,001 to 14,000 feet (916 to 4,270 meters), the unit automatically adjusts to
these conditions providing adjusted Depth, and allowed Dive Times at intervals of 1,000 feet (305 meters).
> When the Conservative Factor is set On, allowed Dive Times are calculated based upon the next higher 3,000 foot (915
meter) Altitude.
> At Sea Level, calculations are based upon an Altitude of 6,000 feet.
> All adjustments for Altitudes greater than 11,000 feet (3,355 meters) are then made to allowable dive times for 14,000
feet (4,270 meters).
> The unit will not function as a dive computer above 14,000 feet (4,270 meters).
• Although breathing apparatus is not utilized for Free Dive activities, nitrogen tissue loading remains a factor. Nitrogen loading is calculated
based upon a fixed FO2 of Air.
• Since a user has the option of alternating between SCUBA and Free Dive activities within a 24 hour period, nitrogen calculations and the
displayed value of No Deco Dive Time Remaining (NDC time) are carried over from one operating mode to the other, which permits the user
to maintain awareness of nitrogen absorption and offgasing status.
• The mathematical models currently used in this dive computer are based on no decompression/decompression multilevel repetitive dive
• These algorithms do not take into account the physiological changes associated with the high pressures that competitive type Free diving can
expose a diver to.
• Ensure that you know which Operating Mode is selected (NORM, GAUG, or FREE) prior to commencing any dive.
• Conducting Free dives within a 24 hour period after conducting SCUBA dives, combined with the effects of multiple
rapid Free Dive ascents, increases your risk of decompression sickness. Such activities may result in accelerated
entry into decompression which could cause serious injury or death.
• Combining competitive type Free dive activities that involve multiple descents/ascents with activities utilizing SCUBA
during the same 24 hour period is not recommended. Presently, there is no data relating to such activities.
• It is highly recommended that anyone planning to become involved in competitive type Free dive activities obtain
proper instruction and training from a recognized Free Diving trainer. It is imperative that the physiological affects
be understood and the diver is physically prepared.