Bunn JDF-2S Marine Battery User Manual

This kit allows remotely located ambient concentrate products to be used in place of dispenser mounted
frozen concentrate products.
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Instructions for
Ambient Concentrate
Conversion Kit #33699.0002
WARNING - Disconnect the dispenser from the power source before the removal of any panel or the replacement
of any component.
8. Close the dispenser door.
9. Install the right side panel with the screws set aside in step 2.
10. Apply power to the dispenser and prime the dispense tubing as described in the operating manual.
11. Open the dispenser door and check for any signs of air bubbles in the dispense tubing. Any bubbles indicate
the presence of a vacuum leak. When bubbles are present, re-check the fastening of all clamped connections,
and positioning of the Adapter into the bottle interface.
12. Close the dispenser door.
1. Disconnect the dispenser from the power source.
2. Remove the right side panel. Set the panel and screws
aside for re-assembly.
3. Open the dispenser door.
4. Remove the decorative plugs from convenient openings
at the right rear of the refrigerated compartment and the
dispenser’s rear panel.
5. Feed the free end of the Convertible Tube Assembly’s
concentrate tube through the openings in the refrigerated
compartment and dispenser rear panel.
NOTE: Take care to route Tube Assemblies so they won’t
kink or interfere with the condenser fan.
6. Connect the concentrate container to the free end of the
concentrate tube protruding from the dispenser’s rear
7. Insert the Adapter end of the Convertible Tube Assembly
into the desired bottle interface.