Humminbird Marine Radio Marine Radio User Manual

Subscription and Activation Notice!
The AS WX 1 Satellite Weather Receiver requires a monthly subscription from XM WX Satellite Weather®. Before the AS WX 1
Satellite Weather Receiver can be used on the water, the subscription must be activated on your Humminbird® control head.
To activate XM WX Satellite Weather®
1. The XM Radio ID is required to set up the XM WX subscription.
1a. Use a Y-Cable to connect a GPS and the AS WX 1 Satellite Weather Receiver to your Humminbird® control head.
The slots are keyed to prevent reversed installation, so be careful not to force the connectors into the slots.
1b. Power on the control head and start Normal (with transducer attached) or Simulator mode (without transducer
1c. Press the MENU key twice to open the Main Menu. Select the Accessories tab. Highlight XM Weather, and press
the RIGHT Cursor key. Select XM Info, and press the RIGHT Cursor key. The Radio ID is the set of uppercase,
alphanumeric characters shown on the screen.
NOTE: The Humminbird® control head must be powered ON with the receiver connected
to complete the subscription activation process.
2. After you’ve noted the Radio ID, press the EXIT key to exit out of the
Main Menu. Press the VIEW key until the Weather View is displayed.
The Weather View is identified by the Signal Icon on the screen.
3. Check the Signal Icon to confirm that the unit is receiving a strong
signal (4 bars). Move the receiver if the signal is weak. The most effective
reception is outdoors, facing south, without any obstructions (i.e. people,
trees, buildings), and at least 3 ft from the control head.
4. Contact XM on the web at and click Activate Radio,
or call (800) 967-2346 or (800) 985-9200 to set up your account. Refer
to your Radio ID, and select “NavWeather Basic Package.”
5. The control head will begin to receive the authorization data.
NOTE: The control head must stay powered ON the full amount of time to complete the
subscription activation process, which may take up to 1hour. When activation is complete,
the diagonal lines will disappear, and the Weather View will display current weather
conditions on the chart. The XM Info menu will also display “NavWeather Authorized”
when the activation status is confirmed. See the included manual for details.
XM WX Satellite Weather® Service Disclaimer
Hardware and required monthly subscription sold separately. Subscription fee is consumer only. Other fees and taxes, including a one-time activation
fee may apply. All fees and weather data subject to change. XM WX Weather displays and individual product availability vary by hardware equipment.
Reception of the XM signal may vary depending on location. Subscription subject to Customer Agreement included with the XM Welcome Kit and
available at Available only in the 48 contiguous United States. XM WX data is not available in Canada.
Contact Humminbird®
Contact our Customer Resource Center at 1-800-633-1468 or visit our web site at
Enter the XM Radio ID, and select
NavWeather Basic Package.
The XM Radio ID is the set of
uppercase, alphanumeric characters
shown under the XM Info menu,
or on the receiver packaging,
or on the bottom of the receiver.