Mustang Survival MV1345 Life Jacket User Manual

The natural curiosity of a child is legendary.
Fortunately, so is the performance and safety record
of Mustang children’s vests. Unsurpassed in in-water
performance and with innovative safety features
such as a head support collar with grab strap. Kids
love the bright colors and comfort of the vests – and
that means, most importantly, they will love wearing
Children are all unique, right down to their shape
and size. Therefore, for a PFD to be effective it must
fit snugly on your child. You can do this by checking
that the waist and the through-the-leg safety straps
are secured. To check for a good fit, pick the child
up by the shoulders of the vest. With a correct fit,
the child’s chin and ears should NOT be able to slip
through the vest. Never buy a PFD for a child ‘to
grow into.’
Even though your child is wearing a personal
flotation device (PFD) when they are on or near
the water, an adult should always be present. It is
important to teach your child how to put this vest
on and to test the vest in the water immediately
after purchase. This is also a perfect time to learn
how to float in the water so they don’t panic if the
unexpected does happen.
For 40 years Mustang Survival has been committed
to providing life support solutions. Through
constant innovation and the application of new
technologies, Mustang is the leading supplier
of quality flotation and hypothermia protection
products to the most demanding users – from
fishermen, sailors and power boaters to the Coast
Guard, jet fighter pilots and even NASA astronauts.
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