Honeywell R7184 Marine Instruments User Manual

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Interrupted Electronic Oil Primary
The new R7184 features interrupted ignition and valve-on delay with selectable
blower-off delay timings on selected models.
Compatible with hydronic and forced air applications.
Patented cad cell resistance readout.
Available in 15- and 30-second lockout times.
Safe start check.
Status indicator light monitors burner flame status and
system lockout.
Uses proven flame detection and monitoring systems.
Optional valve-on delay, blower-off delay models.
15 second or selectable 0 or 15 second valve-on
Zero time or selectable 0-, 2-, 4-, 6-minute blower-off
Oil valve control.
Compatible with power venters without integral
Oil-resistant plastic cover for electronics.
Mounts on standard 4 in. by 4 in. junction box, directly
on main burner or inside appliance cabinet.
UL Component Recognition.
CUL Component Recognition.