Honeywell YP7999A1000 Marine Instruments User Manual

YP7999A1000 ControLinks™ Fuel
Air Ratio Control Panel
The Honeywell YP7999A1000 ControLinks Fuel Air Ratio
Control Panel is a packaged, pre-wired panel that includes the
R7999A ControLinks controller for linkageless fuel/air ratio
control. The included S7999D color touchscreen interface
allows commissioning of the ControLinks system as well as
monitoring and control, all with user-friendly menus. On board
selector switches, buttons and alarm lights are included for
customer convenience. The ML7999A2001 universal direct
coupled actuators are purchased separately.
This document provides installation instructions and operation
information. Other applicable publications are:
65-0238, R7999 ControLinks Controller
65-0240, Q7999A ControLinks Universal Wiring Sub-
65-0239, ML7999A Universal Parallel-Positioning
65-0321, S7999D1048 System Display
Pre-wired and ready to install
Includes the R7999A control, wiring subbase and
S7999D1048 touchscreen display
Commission, monitor and control ControLinks through
the touchscreen interface
Fuel selector switch
Alarm light
Reset button
Unit shutdown / Emergency stop button
•Auto/manual switch
Manual operation potentiometer
S7999D touchscreen display is Modbus ready
Electrical Ratings
100 – 120 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 3 Amps
For individual ratings, see component literature for details.
Environmental Ratings
Enclosure: NEMA 12.
For individual ratings, see component literature for details.
Install the panel where the relative humidity never reaches the
saturation point. The relay module inside the panel is
designed to operate in a maximum 85 percent relative
humidity continuous, non-condensing, moisture environ-
Do not install the panel where it could be subjected to vibra-
tion in excess of 0.5G continuous maximum vibration.
Overall panel size: 24 in. high x 24 in. wide x 8 in. deep
(excluding door and door mounted components)
Panel weight: approx. 64 pounds
Mounting holes are 0.44 in. typical diameter, 18 in. on center.