Radio Shack PRO-2046 Marine Radio User Manual

PRO-2046 Programmable 100-Channel Mobile Scanner
Your new RadioShack PRO-2046 Programmable 100-Channel Mobile Scanner lets
you in on all the action! This scanner gives you direct access to over
30,000 exciting frequencies, including those used by police and fire
departments, ambulance and transportation services, aircraft
communications, government agencies, and amateur radio services. You can
select up to 100 channels to scan and you can change your selections at
any time.
Your scanner is preprogrammed with service search banks for convenience.
By pressing a single button, you can quickly search those frequencies most
widely used by public service and other agencies without tedious and
complicated programming. The scanner also lets you group special or
interesting frequencies into their own set of channels.
Compact and versatile, the scanner mounts in your home or vehicle. You
can also connect an external speaker to your scanner, or an AC adapter and
base station antenna (not supplied) to set the scanner up as a base
station in your home.
Your scanner has these features:
HyperScan - lets you scan 50 channels or more per second.
Hypersearch - lets you set the scanner to search at up to
300 steps per second in frequency bands with
5 kHz steps, to help you quickly find
interesting broadcasts.
Four Service Search Banks - lets you Search preset frequencies in separate
police/fire/emergency, Department of
Transportation, highway services, and public
service banks, to make it easy to quickly
identify calls. You can select and search one
or more banks at a time.
Data Detection - while scanning channels or searching, you can
set the scanner to detect non modulated
carriers or data signals, such as preamble
signals for pagers, to keep the scanner from
stopping on these frequencies.
Weather Band Key - scans seven preprogrammed weather frequencies
to keep you informed about current weather
Ten Channel Storage Banks - You can store 10 channels in each of 10 banks
to group channels so calls are easier to
Ten Monitor Memories - you can store 10 frequencies located during a
frequency search, so you can decide if you
want to move them to permanent channel storage
Ten Priority Channels - lets you set the scanner to check up to 10
channels every 2 seconds so you do not miss