Desa VSLR18 Marine Radio User Manual

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For more information, visit
Pilot lights but flame goes out when
control knob is released
Burner does not light after pilot is lit
Delayed ignition burner
1. Press in control knob fully
2. After pilot lights, keep control knob
pressed in 30 seconds
3. Fully open equipment shutoff valve
4. A) Contact local natural or propane/LP
gas company
B) Clean pilot (see Cleaning and Mainte-
nance, page 10) or replace pilot assembly
5. Hand tighten until snug, then tighten
1/4 turn more
6. Replace thermocouple
7. Replace control valve
1. Clean burner orifice
2. Contact local natural or propane/LP gas
3. Replace burner orifice
4. Reconnect leads
1. Adjust pilot flame for approximately
2" blue flame
2. Replace pilot orifice set
1. Control knob not fully pressed in
2. Control knob not pressed in long enough
3. Equipment shutoff valve not fully open
4. Pilot flame not touching thermocouple,
which allows thermocouple to cool, caus-
ing pilot flame to go out. This problem could
be caused by one or both of the following:
A) Low gas pressure
B) Dirty or partially clogged pilot
5. Thermocouple connection loose at con-
trol valve
6. Thermocouple damaged
7. Control valve damaged
1. Burner orifice clogged
2. Inlet gas pressure is too low
3. Burner orifice diameter is too small
4. Thermocouple leads disconnected or im-
properly connected
1. Pilot flame needs adjusting
2. Wrong pilot orifice