Mustang Survival MD5183 13 Life Jacket User Manual

6. Check that the new inflator
body indicator is green. Insert
the black inflator body and
cylinder into the bladder
(Fig. 16). Align the cylinder
with the outline printed on
the bladder (Fig. 17). Ensure
that the inflator body is evenly
contacting the sealing ring.
7. Check that the new inflator
cap has a green status
indicator and that the expiry
date is ok. If indicator is red
or expiry date is not ok, get a
new re-arm kit.
8. While holding the CO
through the bladder fabric,
align the new inflator cap on
the inflator body (Fig. 18) with
the water inlet valve pointing
to the right, press down
FIRMLY, and rotate the BLACK
locking ring clockwise behind
the yellow inflator cap. The
black ring will click into place
(Fig. 19). Pull on the cap to
ensure that it is securely locked
into the inflator body.
9. Pass the inflator pull handle
through the button hole,
and secure the ends into the
stretch tabs (Fig. 20), taking
care not to pull the lanyard
and inadvertently inflate your
10. Repack your PFD (see
"Re-Packing your inflatable
PFD" on page 11).
FIG. 20
FIG. 19
FIG. 18