Mustang Survival MD5183 13 Life Jacket User Manual

Before repacking your PFD, and
especially after re-arming, make
sure there is no residual air in
the bladder. It is important that
all of the air has been removed
from the bladder, or you may have
difficulties properly packing your
PFD (see "Deflating your PFD"
on page 7). In extreme cases,
performance may be affected.
1. Extend both sides of the waist
belt to the maximum position,
and lay your PFD on a smooth,
flat surface (Fig. 21).
2. Starting on the side with the
inflator, fold the outside edge
in towards the middle so that
the curves at the neck meet
(Fig. 22).
3. Fold the inside edge back
towards the outside of the
PFD, so that the inflator is now
sitting on top (Fig. 23). Pass
the pull handle through the
button hole and secure the
ends in the stretch tabs.
4. Fold the outer cover over the
bladder, and secure the top
with the Velcro tabs (Fig. 24).
5. Fold the bottom edge of the
bladder up (Fig. 25).
FIG. 21
FIG. 22
FIG. 23