Yamaha F40A Outboard Motor User Manual

8 Avoid draining the engine oil immedi-
ately after stopping the engine. The oil
is hot and should be handled with care
to avoid burns.
8 Be sure the outboard is securely fas-
tened to the transom or a stable stand.
8 Change the engine oil after the first 10
hours of operation, and every 100 hours
or at 6-month intervals thereafter. Oth-
erwise, the engine will wear quickly.
8 Do not overfill the oil, and be sure the
engine is in an upright position (not tilt-
ed) when checking and changing the
engine oil.
8 If the oil level is above the upper level
mark, drain until the level meets the
specified capacity. Overfilling the oil
may cause leakage or damage.
1) Put the outboard motor in an upright
position (not tilted).
2) Prepare a suitable container which
can hold a larger amount than the
engine oil capacity. Loosen and
remove the drain bolt 1 while hold-
ing the container under the drain
hole. Let the oil drain completely.
Wipe up any spilled oil immediately.
3) Put a new gasket on the drain bolt.
Apply a light coat of oil to the gasket
and reinstall the drain bolt.
Tightening torque:
Refer to “SPECIFICATIONS”, page 4-1.
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