Chicago Electric 91848 Marine Battery User Manual

SKU 91848 Page 5For technical questions, please call 1-800-444-3353.
For the power inverter to work properly, your power source must provide 12
volts DC, and the power source must provide enough current (i.e., 46 amps to oper-
ate the load of 560 Watts or under).
Caution: This inverter must only be connected to batteries with a nominal out-
put voltage of 12 volts. Lower voltage will not operate the inverter properly, and
more voltage could damage the inverter or the device being powered. Do not
use this inverter with positive ground electrical systems.
1. Place the Power Inverter on a flat surface. Make sure it has adequate ventilation
and is not in direct sunlight.
2. Connect the battery clamp cable lugs (not included; #4 AWG or larger cables
recommended) to the red and black terminal screws on the back of the Inverter,
above. Securely tighten.
3. The Power Inverter can be used either while the engine is running or off. Connect
the Battery Cable Clamps (not included) to the negative (black) and Positive
(red) terminals of the battery.
4. Plug the 115 VAC device(s) you wish to power into the 3-prong AC Receptacles.
above. The appliance(s) must not use more than 700 (total) watts
during continuous operation, otherwise it may overload the Inverter.
Red Black
Risk of Fire!
The positive battery
terminal connection
must be the LAST
connection and must be
done with the inverter’s
switch off.
REV 06/06