Chicago Electric 91848 Marine Battery User Manual

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Troubleshooting Tips
1. If the low battery alarm sounds, this means that the input voltage is below the
necessary 10.5 V. The battery needs recharging. You should stop using the
appliance and then recharge the battery. If this is not done, the Inverter will shut
off automatically at around 8 V.
2. If you are unsure if the inverter will have the proper amount of current to run the
device, use this rough guideline: Take the power consumption of the load in
watts and divide it by 12 (input voltage). The result will be the approximate
number of amps needed to power your device.
Example: Load is rated at 312 watts. 312 watts / 12 V = 26 amps needed. You
could use this device with the inverter.
3. If your television will not start, it is important to keep in mind that some appliances
(including many televisions) may require two to six times their wattage to start
up. This inverter will not work with such devices.
4. If your audio system buzzes while using this inverter, it is because some sound
systems can not filter out the modified sine wave produced by the inverter. The
only solution is to use a sound system that incorporates a higher quality power
5. This inverter is made to minimize the interference with TV signals. However,
especially with weak TV signals, some interference may still be visible. To
correct this, place the inverter as far away as possible from the television antenna
and it’s cables. Next, adjust the orientation of the inverter to the antenna cables
and TV power cord to minimize the interference. Also use a shielded antenna
6. If the low battery alarm is on all the time, try these corrective measures: Recharge
battery if in poor condition. Next, check the condition of the lighter cable plug
and the socket. You may need to clean the socket.
7. If you are getting a low output voltage, try reducing the load to minimize watts.
You may have overloaded the inverter. Reduce your load to 140 watts. Also,
keep input voltage above 10.5 volts to maintain a constant flow of power.
8. If you are not getting any power output, turn the power switch Off and On again,
until the green power light comes on. Some automotive systems require that
the ignition be turned on. Turn the ignition to the accessory position. Your
devices may draw too much power to operate them. The inverter may be in
thermal shutdown. Let it cool down and make sure there is adequate ventilation
around the unit.