Kalorik USK FP 5 Marine Instruments User Manual

USK FP 5 -070524
Put the cup (F) on the base (H) (Fig. 1) and turn it clockwise to
lock it.
Put the filter A (D) on the filter B (E), turn it left and right until it is in
the correct position.
Put the small cone (C) on the shaft of the base (Fig. 2).
Put the jug on the base.
Plug in the appliance
Cut the citrus fruit into 2 pieces, cutting across sections.
Press gently each half of the fruit on the cone. The citrus press will
start operating automatically by turning to the right and to the
left (Fig. 3). If the fruit is too big, please use the big cone. Put the
big cone on the small one. The 2 gaps on the big cone must be
locked on the 2 wings on the small cone.
Remove the jug from the base. Now you can enjoy delicious
When finished, unplug the juicer.