Schumacher PI-70 Marine Battery User Manual

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This safety feature prevents damaging the inverter while testing
devices and equipment within the wattage range of the inverter.
IMPORTANT (Models PI-120 and PI-140): This inverter is designed
to power 100 watt devices or less when used with the vehicle 12
volt accessory port. The 100 watt limit is to accommodate the fuse
ratings for all vehicles. Some vehicles may allow the full output. If the
fuse blows when you switch on the device you are trying to use, you
have to either use a smaller device or you must purchase the 12 volt
accessory outlet to battery clips adapter (Schumacher Model SAC-103)
and connect the inverter directly to the battery.
IMPORTANT: This inverter uses a nonsinusoidal waveform. Therefore
we do not recommend you use it to power the following devices:
Switch mode power supplies1.
Linear power supplies2.
Class 2 transformers3.
Line lter capacitors4.
Shaded pole motors5.
Fan motors6.
Microwave ovens7.
Fluorescent and high intensity lamps (with a ballast)8.
Transformerless battery chargers9.
Doing so may cause the device to run warmer or overheat.
Push the 12-volt power plug rmly into the 12V accessory outlet.1.
The LED indicator light should glow GREEN, verifying the 2.
inverter is receiving power.
Make sure the device to be operated is turned OFF.3.
Plug the device into the inverter AC outlet or USB port.4.
Turn the device on.5.
To disconnect, reverse the above procedure.6.