Toshiba L70-B Marine Radio User Manual

External RGB monitor
This port provides 15-pin, analog RGB port.
Please refer to the External RGB monitor port pin
assignment section for information on external
RGB monitor port pin assignment. This port
allows you to connect an external RGB monitor
to the computer.
Cooling vents The cooling vents help the processor to avoid
Do not block the cooling vents. Keep foreign metal objects, such as
screws, staples and paper clips, out of the cooling vents. Foreign metal
objects can create a short circuit, which can cause damage and fire,
possibly resulting in serious injury.
Carefully clean the dust on the cooling vents’ surface using a soft cloth.
The following figure shows the back of the computer.
Figure 3-4 The back of the computer
Product appearance depends on the model you purchased.
Battery pack The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack
provides power to the computer when the AC
adaptor is not connected.
For more detailed information on the use and
operation of the battery pack please refer to the
Battery section.
The following figures show the underside of the computer. You should
ensure that the display is closed before the computer is turned over to
avoid causing any damage.
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