Toshiba L70-B Marine Radio User Manual

This application allows your computer to
automatically search for TOSHIBA software
updates or other alerts from TOSHIBA that are
specific to your computer system and its
programs. When enabled, this application
periodically transmits to our servers a limited
amount of system information, which will be
treated in strict accordance with the rules and
regulations as well as applicable data protection
To access this utility, click Start -> All Programs
-> TOSHIBA -> Support & Recovery ->
Service Station.
The TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor application
proactively monitors a number of system
functions such as power consumption, battery
health and system cooling, informing you of
significant system conditions. This application
recognizes the system and individual component
serial numbers and will track specific activities
related to their usage.
To access this utility, click Start -> All Programs
-> TOSHIBA -> Support & Recovery -> PC
Health Monitor.
For details on TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor, see
the help file.
You may not have all the software listed above depending on the model
you purchased.
To access the setup files of the drivers/utilities, Click Start -> All Programs
-> TOSHIBA -> Support & Recovery -> Applications and Drivers.
Special features
The following features are either unique to TOSHIBA computers or are
advanced features which make the computer more convenient to use.
Access each function using the following procedures.
To access the Power Options, click Start -> Control Panel -> System
and Security -> Power Options.
Display automatic
power off
This feature automatically cuts off power to the
computer's display panel when there is no
keyboard input for a specified time, with power
being restored the next time a key is pressed.
This can be specified in the Power Options.
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