Jackson TS-44 Marine Battery User Manual

TS Series Conveyors Technical Manual 7610-002-98-29
Issued: 02-15-2006 Revised: N/A
ELECTRICAL POWER CONNECTION: Electrical and grounding connections must comply with the applicable portions of the
National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70 (latest edition) and/or other electrical codes.
Disconnect electrical power supply and place a tag at the
disconnect switch to indicate that you are working on the
The dishmachine data plate is located on the right side and to the
front of the machine. Refer to the data plate for machine operating
requirements, machine voltage, total amperage load and serial num-
To install the incoming power lines, open the control box. Install con-
duit into the pre-punched holes in the back of the control box. Route
power wires and connect to power block and grounding lug. Install
the service wires (L1, L2, and L3 (3 phase only)) to the appropriate
terminals as they are marked on the terminal block. Install the
grounding wire into the lug provided. Tighten the connections. It is
recommended that “DE-OX” or another similar anti-oxidation agent
be used on all power connections.
VOLTAGE CHECK: Ensure that the power switch is in the OFF position and apply power to the dishmachine. Check the incom-
ing power at the terminal block and ensure it corresponds to the voltage listed on the data plate. If not, contact a qualified ser-
vice agency to examine the problem. Do not run the dishmachine if the voltage is too high or too low. Shut off the service break-
er and mark it as being for the dishmachine. Advise all proper personnel of any problems and of the location of the service
breaker. Replace the control box cover and tighten down the screws.
VENTILATION OF DISHMACHINE: The dishmachine should be located with provisions for venting into an adequate exhaust
hood or ventilation system. This is essential to permit efficient removal of the condensation exhaust. Ensure that the exhaust
system is acceptable in accordance with all applicable codes and standards.
NOTE: Any damage that is caused by steam or moisture due to improper ventilation is NOT covered under the
This units covered in this manual have the following exhaust requirements:
Load End: 200 CFM
Unload End: 400 CFM
The exhaust system must be sized to handle this volume for the dishmachine to operate as it was designed to.
ELECTRIC HEAT: The thermostats for the machines covered in this manual are factory set. They should not be adjusted except
by an authorized service agent.
Incoming Power Connection
Terminal Block
Decal showing “L1”, “L2”, & “L3”
(3 phase models only).