Jackson TS-44 Marine Battery User Manual

TS Series Conveyors Technical Manual 7610-002-98-29
Issued: 02-15-2006 Revised: N/A
DELIMING OPERATIONS: In order to maintain the dishmachine at its optimum performance level, it will be required to remove
lime and corrosion deposits on a frequent basis. A deliming solution should be available from your detergent supplier. Read and
follow all instructions on the label of the deliming solution.
To proceed with the deliming operation, fill the dishmachine and add the correct amount of deliming solution as recommended
by the deliming solution manufacturer. The water capacity of the various tanks of the dishmachine can be verified on the spec-
ification sheet(s) of this manual.
Perform the following operations to delime the dishmachine:
1. Turn the NORMAL/DELIME switch on the back of the control box to the DELIME position.
2. Disconnect or turn off all chemical feeder pumps.
3. Close all doors (after adding the deliming solution).
4. Run the machine for the recommended period of time.
5. Turn the unit off and open the doors.
6. Wait five minutes, then inspect the inside of the machine. If the machine is not delimed, run another time cycle as per the
deliming solution’s instructions.
7. When clean, drain and re-fill the machine.
8. Run in MANUAL for 10 minutes to remove residual deliming solution.
9. Drain and re-fill the machine.
This equipment is not recommend for use with deionized water or other aggressive fluids. Use of deionized water or
other aggressive fluids will result in corrosion and failure of materials and components. Use of deionized water or
other aggressive fluids will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Delime Switch