Garmin GTR 200 Marine Instruments User Manual

190-01553-01 Rev. C
Garmin GTR 200 Pilot’s Guide
GTR 200
Control Description
The LARGE right (MHz) and
SMALL right (kHz)
knobs are used for
tuning frequencies and data entry. Press the SMALL Knob to select menu
items or access the Frequency Menu from the main screen.
The GTR 200 features two User-defined softkeys. Softkeys are defined
in Configuration Mode, see the Appendix for information on configuring
softkeys. Softkeys can be disabled or assigned to one of the following:
•PILOT PTT ( ) - Pilot Push-to-Talk can be used in place of or as
a back up to a remote Push-to-Talk switch.
•MUSIC ON/OFF ( ) - Turns music input ON/OFF. N/A when
Intercom is configured off. Press and hold to toggle COM Mute
•USER LIST ( ) - Provides quick access to the COM User
•PILOT ISOLATION ( ) - Isolates the Pilot from ICS
Communication and music. N/A when Intercom is configured off.
•TUNE EMERGENCY ( ) - Quickly tunes and activates the
emergency frequency (121.500 MHz).