Garmin GTR 200 Marine Instruments User Manual

190-01553-01 Rev. C
Garmin GTR 200 Pilot’s Guide
GTR 200
Because this feature uses different signals for left and right channels,
it requires wiring for stereo intercom and stereo headsets. If 3D audio
is activated when mono headsets are in use, the listener will still hear all
audio sources; however, there is no benefit from location separation.
During normal operation and with 3D Audio enabled, the listener hears
the Active Frequency at the 12 o’clock position. If the Standby is selected
for monitoring, the listener hears the Active at 11 o’clock and the Standby
at the 1 o’clock position. Intercom positions are processed to sound like
their relative seat location. By default, the GTR 200 assumes the pilot sits
in the left seat. Pilot seat location can be changed in configuration mode,
see the GTR 200 Installation Manual for details.
3D Audio
Enabling/Disabling 3D Audio:
1) Press the MENU key.
2) Turn the LARGE Knob to highlight SETUP and press the SMALL Knob.
3) Turn the LARGE Knob to navigate to COM 3D AUDIO or ICS 3D
AUDIO. Turn the SMALL Knob to toggle ON/OFF.
4) Press the BACK Softkey to return to the Main Menu.