Garmin GTR 200 Marine Instruments User Manual

190-01553-01 Rev. C
Garmin GTR 200 Pilot’s Guide
GTR 200
3) Turn the SMALL Knob to move the cursor to the desired frequency.
4) Press the SMALL Knob to tune the highlighted frequency as the Standby
frequency. Press the Frequency Transfer Key to tune as the Active
The GTR 200 offers quick tuning of the Emergency Channel by holding
down the Frequency Transfer Key for approximately three seconds.
Quick Tuning the Emergency Channel:
Press and hold the Frequency Transfer Key for approximately three
seconds or press the EMR Softkey if configured. The Emergency Channel
will be inserted into the Active Frequency position and the previous
Active Frequency, will become the Standby Frequency.
The GTR 200 helps protect you from a situation where the microphone
may get stuck in the ON or Transmit position. If the microphone is keyed
for longer than 35 seconds, the GTR 200 will return to the receive mode on
the selected frequency.
A “PILOT or COPILOT PTT KEY STUCK” message will be displayed until
the transmit key is released. The Alert will be displayed until the MIC is no
longer stuck.
During a PILOT PTT KEY STUCK situation if one of the softkeys has been
configured as PTT, transmit capability will be available through the PTT
softkey after the 35 second time-out.