Garmin GTR 200 Marine Instruments User Manual

190-01553-01 Rev. C
Garmin GTR 200 Pilot’s Guide
GTR 200
Turn the GTR 200 on by either turning the
clockwise or, if installed, turning on the master switch that powers the radios.
New frequencies are first selected as a Standby frequency and then
toggled to the Active side with the Frequency Transfer Key. While viewing
the Standby frequency display, use the LARGE and SMALL knobs on the
right side of the GTR 200 to select the desired frequency. Turn the LARGE
and SMALL knobs, clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease
frequency values. Standby frequency selections is not inhibited during
When connected to a device that provides nearby frequency information,
nearby station identifiers will be shown for the selected frequency.
Identifier and Type Shown
for the Selected Frequency
COM Frequency Selection
Selecting a COM Frequency:
1) Turn the LARGE Knob to change the value in one MHz increments.
2) Turn the SMALL Knob to change the value in 25 kHz increments.
3) Press the Frequency Transfer Key to toggle the Standby frequency to
the Active frequency.
Adjusting Volume:
Turn the Power/Volume/Squelch knob clockwise to increase volume
and counter-clockwise to decrease volume.