Humminbird HDR600 SONAR User Manual

Thank you for choosing Humminbird, America’s #1 name in depthsounders. Humminbird has built
its reputation by designing and manufacturing top-quality, thoroughly reliable marine equipment.
Your Humminbird is designed for trouble-free use in even the harshest marine environment.
In the unlikely event that your Humminbird does require repairs, we offer an exclusive Service
Guarantee free of charge during the first year after purchase, and available at a reasonable rate
after the one year period. Complete details are included at the end of this manual.
We encourage you to read this operations manual carefully in order to get full benefit from all the
features and uses of your Humminbird product. Also, to register your purchase and help us learn
more about you, please fill out the warranty registration card at the back of this manual.
WARNING! This device should not be used as a navigational aid to prevent collision, grounding,
boat damage, or personal injury. When the boat is moving, water depth may change too quickly
to allow time for you to react. Always operate the boat at very slow speeds if you suspect shallow
water or submerged objects.
How Sonar Works
Transducer Exchange
Parts Supplied
Transducer Installation