Mustang Survival MD3188 Life Jacket User Manual

Is Your PFD in Good and Serviceable Condition?
Check your Inflatable PFD between uses to be sure that it is properly armed; that it is free of
rips, tears or holes; that all seams are securely sewn; and that the fabric, straps and hardware
are still strong (See Visual Inspection Instructions and Readiness Checklist, page 4). Inspect
the Inflatable PFD in accordance with the Care and Maintenance instructions.
Servicing Instructions for Commercial Operators
Federal Regulations require Coast Guard-approved personal
flotation devices (PFDs) that are legibly marked with the Coast
Guard approval number, are in good and serviceable condition, and
are the correct size for each person on board.
It is the responsibility of the operator to be sure this PFD is in serviceable condition. To
be considered serviceable, this PFD shall not exhibit deterioration that could diminish its
performance, such as broken or deformed hardware, detached webbing, rotted structural
components, air leaks or nonfunctional oral inflation tube. This PFD must also be properly armed
with a cylinder installed in the inflator, a single point status indicator showing green, and an
accessible manual inflation lanyard. See page 3 for Instructions for Use.
Failure to follow these instructions rigorously could result in a non-functioning PFD causing
injury or death.
Care and Maintenance Instructions
These instructions apply to recreational users, commercial vessel operators, and designated
maintenance personnel. Check the following at the intervals listed below. Descriptions for
each test are given below the table:
Before Each
Use (see
item 1)
After Each CO2
Inflation (see
item 2)
Every 3
(see item
(see item 4)
Every 5
Years (see
item 5)
X Visual Inspection and Readiness
X X X Thorough Inspection
X Inspect date of Auto-Inflation
X Recommended Test Auto-Inflation
X X Rearm – Replace CO2 cylinder and
X X X Test Oral-Inflation
X X X Leak Check – 16 hours
X X Clean
X X Record and date Service Record label
on PFD
*Perform more often if exposed to potential damage or used in extreme conditions.
MD3188 Inflatable PFD Manufacturer's Manual