Mustang Survival MD3188 Life Jacket User Manual

This manual provides instructions and guidelines for safely using and maintaining the
Mustang Survival MD3188 Inflatable Personal Flotation Device (PFD). It is strongly
recommended that users familiarize themselves with all the procedures presented in this
Full gear in-water testing is recommended to validate performance and to become familiar
with the use and feel of the PFD.
The MD3188 PFD provides flotation, helping to keep the head above water, to stay face up,
and to increase chances for survival and rescue. The PFD inflates automatically on submersion
using a hydrostatic inflator that significantly reduces the potential for accidental inflation due
to humidity, sea spray, or wet storage. The inflator must be submerged to activate.
The MD3188 PFD may also be inflated manually, prior to submersion, by pulling the manual
inflation handle.
The MD3188 PFD is designed to offer maximum mobility with minimum bulk. The MD3188
PFD is worn as a comfortable, slim collar that can be inflated at any time either automatically
(water immersion), manually (manual inflation handle), or orally (oral inflation tube).
Drowning is the leading cause of fatalities involving recreational and commercial vessels.
Most fatal accidents happen on calm sunny days, and in approximately 80 percent of all
boating fatalities, the victims were not wearing a PFD.
When worn, used, and serviced according to the instructions in this manual, Mustang Survival
MD3188 PFDs can greatly increase a user's chance of survival in the water.
United States Coast Guard Approvals
• Type V work vest
• Type V uninspected commercial vessels
• Type II recreational PFD
MD3188 Inflatable PFD Manufacturer's Manual