Mustang Survival MD5183 KF 263 Life Jacket User Manual

6. Reset the zipper by pulling the
slider from the zipper garage
to the top of the zipper, and
close the zipper by returning
the slider to the bottom and
tucking into the zipper garage
(Fig. 26).
7. Repeat steps 2-6 on the left
side (Fig. 27).
8. Fold the top edge of the
bladder down once (Fig. 28),
tuck corners under the cover,
and fold the sides over
(Fig. 29). Fold the cover flap
down and secure with Velcro
strip (Fig. 30).
9. Ensure pull handle ends are
secured into the stretch tabs
(Fig. 31), and ensure that the
single point status indicator
on the inflator cap is visible
through the window.
FIG. 26
FIG. 24
FIG. 25