Mustang Survival MD5183 KF 263 Life Jacket User Manual

F / 0
If you choose to use your PFD below freezing, performance will not
be as expected. Below freezing, a discharged cylinder may not fully
inflate your PFD to the intended pressure. You will need to rely on
your back up oral inflation system to adjust the internal pressure
to achieve adequate buoyancy (see "Orally inflating your PFD" on
page 6).
It is important to care for and maintain your inflatable PFD in order to
ensure it will perform as designed when you need it. To keep a record
of the inspections performed on your PFD, use the label provided
under the back flap. If you are not confident in the self-inspection and
servicing of your inflatable PFD in accordance with these instructions,
contact Mustang Survival customer service.
Before Each Use:
o Examine the single point status indicator ensuring it is green.
If the indicator is red, your PFD needs to be re-armed (see
"Re-Arming your inflatable PFD" on page 8).
o Ensure the manual pull-handle is properly stowed in the
stretch tabs.
o Visually examine your inflatable PFD for damage or excessive
abrasion, wear, tear and/or contamination. If any item shows
signs of damage, perform tasks listed in "Every Six (6) Months"
inspection details.
Every Six (6) Months:
In addition to the inspections specified for before each use, perform
the following at least every 6 months, or more often if exposed to
potential damage or used in extreme conditions.
o Leak Test: Your Inflatable PFD should be tested for leakage by
inflating with air until firm and leaving it to stand for at least
2 hours in a temperature controlled environment. A leaking
Inflatable PFD will not remain firm and should be replaced. If
your Inflatable PFD leaks, contact Mustang Survival
customer service.