Mustang Survival MD5183 KF 263 Life Jacket User Manual

This inflatable PFD is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for use as a
Recreational Type III Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or a Commercial
Type V (only when worn). It is not approved for water skiing or other
high impact, high speed activities. This inflatable PFD was designed
to be more comfortable and less restrictive to wear than inherently
buoyant PFDs. When worn, used, and serviced according to this
owner’s manual, this PFD can greatly increase your chances of survival
in the water. Not recommended for non-swimmers or weak swimmers.
Users of inflatable PFDs must be at least 16 years old.
Conditions for Type V Approval in commercial applications
1. Must be worn before getting underway and whenever above
deck and not within an enclosed space to meet the carriage
2. The operator of an uninspected commercial vessel is responsible
for servicing and maintaining the PFD in good serviceable
condition in accordance with this owner’s manual. See "Care and
Maintenance Instructions" on page 14 for servicing information.
3. The operator of an uninspected commercial vessel is responsible
for providing each person onboard with the safety information
required for use of the MD5183. See "Instructions for Use" on
page 3 for information.
Commercial – Model MD5183 is a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type V
inflatable PFD, approved ONLY WHEN WORN for use on uninspected
commercial vessels less than 40 feet in length not carrying passengers
for hire as a substitute for a Type III PFD when used in accordance
with this owner’s manual.
The operator of the vessel is required to provide the following User
Information to each person on board during a passenger safety
orientation (reference 46 CFR 122.506).
Inflatable PFD’s will not provide any buoyancy without being inflated.
Follow these instructions to be sure your PFD is armed and donned
correctly, and that you understand how to inflate the device.
Basic Visual Examination – See "Inspecting your Inflatable PFD -
Before Each Use" on page 14.