Mustang Survival MD5183 KF 263 Life Jacket User Manual

FIG. 3
It is important that your inflatable PFD is properly adjusted to fit your
body shape. An incorrect fit could result in poor performance. All
belts and straps are already threaded correctly and only need to be
adjusted to a tight personal fit.
10. Put the inflatable PFD on just like a jacket, and then fasten the
front buckle (Fig. 3).
11. Adjust the left and right waist belt one at a time by pulling the
free ends of the webbing upwards and towards your back.
12. Continue to equally adjust
the left and right waist belts
until there is no slack in the
webbing, and there is no
movement of the PFD on your
13. To ensure your PFD is tight
enough, pinch each side of the
waist belt. If you can pinch
the waist belt together (Fig. 4),
it is not tight enough. Continue
to adjust the left and right
waist belts.
IMPORTANT: Do not wear inflatable PFDs under
clothing as the inflation could be restricted or you
could be injured.
FIG. 4