Elta IC-F25/S Marine Radio User Manual

Receiving and transmitting
NOTE: Transmitting without an antenna may damage the trans-
ceiver. See p. 2 for antenna attachment.
q Rotate [VOL] to turn power ON.
w Toggle [CHANNEL SWITCH] (IC-F15S/F25S), rotate [CHAN-
NEL SELECTOR] (IC-F15/F25) or push one of [MR-CH 1] to
[MR-CH 4] key to select a channel.
For IC-F15S/F25S
The memory channels 3 and 4 are available when [MR-CH 3]
and [MR-CH 4] keys are assigned.
e When receiving a call, adjust the audio output level to a comfort-
able listening level.
Wait for the channel to become clear to avoid interference.
q While pushing and holding [PTT], speak into the microphone at
a normal voice level.
• When a tone signalling system is used, the call procedure de-
scribed on p. 13 may be necessary.
w Release [PTT] to return to receive.
IMPORTANT!: To maximize the readability of your signal;
1. Pause briefly after pushing [PTT].
2. Hold the microphone 5 to 10 cm from your mouth, then speak
into the microphone at a normal voice level.
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