Elta IC-F25/S Marine Radio User Manual

R DANGER Charge the specified Icom batteries only.
Only tested and approved for use with genuine Icom batteries. Fire
and/or explosion may occur when a third party battery pack or
counterfeit product is charged.
CAUTION! NEVER insert battery pack/transceiver (with the bat-
tery pack attached) with wet or soiled into the charger. This may re-
sult in corrosion of the charger terminals or damage to the charger.
The charger is not waterproof and water can easily get into it.
NEVER incinerate used battery packs. Internal battery gas may
cause an explosion.
NEVER immerse the battery pack in water. If the battery pack be-
comes wet, be sure to wipe it dry immediately (particularly the bat-
tery terminals) BEFORE attaching it to the transceiver. Otherwise,
the terminals will become corroded, or cause connection failure,
NEVER short the terminals of the battery pack. Also, current may
flow into nearby metal objects, such as a necklace, etc. Therefore,
be careful when carrying with, or placing near metal objects, carry-
ing in handbags, etc.
AVOID leaving the battery pack in a fully charged, or completely
discharged condition for long time. It causes shorter battery life. In
case of leaving the battery pack unused for a long time, it must be
kept safely after discharge, or use the battery until the battery indi-
cator appears, then remove it from the transceiver.
If your battery pack seems to have no capacity even after being
charged, fully charge the battery pack again. If the battery pack still
does not retain a charge (or very little), a new battery pack must be
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