Elta IC-F25/S Marine Radio User Manual

D Transmitting notes
• Transmit inhibit function
The transceiver has several inhibit functions which restrict trans-
mission under the following conditions:
- The channel is in mute condition.
- Channel is busy.
- Un-matched (or matched) CTCSS is received.
- The selected channel is a ‘receive only’ channel.
• Time-out timer
After continuous transmission for the pre-programmed time period,
the time-out timer activates, and causes the transceiver to stop
• Penalty timer
Once the time-out timer activates, transmission is further inhibited
for a period determined by the penalty timer.
D DTMF transmission
If the transceiver has [DTMF Autodial] assigned to it, the automatic
DTMF transmission function is available.
Push [DTMF Autodial] to transmit the DTMF code.
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