Elta IC-F25/S Marine Radio User Manual

Battery charging
Prior to using the transceiver for the first time, the battery pack must
be fully charged for optimum life and operation.
CAUTION: To avoid damage to the transceiver, turn it OFF while
• Recommended temperature range for charging:
+10°C to +40°C
- The Li-Ion battery functions within –20°C to +60°C
• Use the specified chargers (BC-119N, BC-121N and BC-160).
NEVER use another manufacturer’s charger.
• Use the optional AC adapter. NEVER use another manufacturer’s
AC adapter.
Charge the supplied battery pack for a maximum of up to
10 hours. Li-Ion batteries are different from Ni-Cd batteries in
that it is not necessary to completely charge and discharge them
to prolong the battery life. Therefore, charging the battery in in-
tervals, and not for extended periods is recommended.
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