Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

Audio Panel Description
There are four unswitched inputs (aircraft hard-wired and configured)
available for traffic or terrain awareness warning system (TAWS),
autopilot disconnect, and/or radar altimeter warning. The audio panel
always supplies the audio from one or two of the audio inputs to the
pilot’s and copilot’s headset and cockpit speakers outputs during normal
Momentary push-button switches are used to select one of the COM
transceivers for the pilot and copilot position, which allows radio trans-
mission. In the Split Mode, the pilot has the ability to transmit on one
COM, while the copilot can transmit on another COM. A fail-safe mode
connects the pilot headphone and microphone to COM 1 if power is
removed for any reason, or if the power switch is placed in the OFF
(fail-safe) position.
A six-station VOX intercom is included in the KMA 29 system. This sys-
tem has a patented IntelliVox
circuitry that eliminates manual adjust-
ments. The system contains six separate VOX microphone circuits and
only opens the microphone channel that is in use.
The intercom system incorporates pilot isolate mode, all crew mode,
two independent stereo music inputs with Soft Mute, and light emitting
diode (LED) indications. Intercom control is through a concentric front
panel volume control and a push-button intercom mode switch. The
small volume knob controls the intercom level for the pilot and copilot
while the large knob controls the passenger intercom volume. The inter-
com squelch is automatic.
A marker beacon receiver is integrated in the KMA 29 audio panel. This
provides the necessary marker beacon signal outputs to the display and
audio indications necessary for an instrument landing system (ILS)
approach. The push-button labeled MKR allows the pilot to select the
marker beacon mode of operation. The pilot can then select either high
or low sensitivity using the marker beacon sensitivity (MKR SENS) but-
ton or mute the marker beacon audio by pushing the MUTE button. The
marker beacon can be tested by selecting and holding the MKR
MUTE/TEST button for five seconds.
The aircraft system uses the marker beacon receiver information sup-
plied by the audio panel to generate status displays.
4 KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide
Rev. 0