Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

The KMA 29 audio control panel provides audio system control for the
cockpit crew and passengers. The panel also provides an interface to
the passenger address (PA) system and aural warning system. The
audio panel also includes a marker beacon receiver.
The audio panel is used to make audio selections for all audio commu-
nications to and from the cockpit crew. The audio panel receives inputs
from all audio communication channels and aural warnings. Audio out-
puts from the panel include a cockpit speaker and headphone jacks.
Noise-canceling headsets can be used with the audio panel.
The audio panel provides the following functions:
• Speaker control
• Five (5) very high frequency (VHF) communication (COM) trans-
• Split single panel or dual panel (independent) operation
• Intercom system operation with automatic voice activation (VOX)
• Eight (8) navigation receivers as follows:
- Two (2) navigation (NAV)
- Two (2) automatic direction finder (ADF)
- Two (2) distance measuring equipment (DME)
- One (1) auxiliary (AUX)
- One (1) marker beacon (MKR).
• Marker beacon mute/test and sense control
• Processing and routing of the aural warnings generated from exter-
nal sources or systems
• Four (4) unswitched audio inputs
• Entertainment system (optional)
• Telephone operation (optional).
Audio Panel Description
3KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide
Rev. 0