Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

Audio Panel Operation
Rev. 1
While in the intercom ISO mode, Entertainment 1 is muted for the pilot.
The copilot hears Entertainment 1 at a normal level. The music auto-
matically mutes when either the copilot or passengers speak and then
gradually returns to the original listening level when the intercom or
radio conversation ceases. The pilot does not mute the music while in
the ISO mode if the PTT switch is pressed to transmit or if the pilot
speaks while on the phone.
When in the intercom ALL mode, Music 1 mutes automatically with a
Soft Mute, or can be placed in Soft Mute Inhibit Mode, which is
described below. The passengers can disable their music muting with
an external switch that may have been installed during installation.
While in the intercom CREW mode, the pilot and copilot hear
Entertainment 1, while the passengers hear Entertainment 2.
The Soft Mute feature assures that the aircraft radio transmissions are
not missed due to playing entertainment. When there is radio reception
or intercom conversation, the music level is decreased gradually to a
very low level. When the radio or intercom traffic ceases, the level grad-
ually returns back to normal.
The KMA 29 audio panel is equipped with a Soft Mute inhibit capability.
This allows the music to continue uninterrupted by intercom or radio
traffic when the cockpit workload is appropriate. To inhibit the Soft Mute,
press the MKR MUTE/TEST button three (3) times within one and a half
(1 1/2) seconds. The NAV 1 indicator blinks once to indicate that the
Soft Mute inhibit is on, and blinks twice when the Soft Mute inhibit mode
is turned off (music mutes with radio or intercom conversation).
The passenger music, which is Entertainment 2, can be placed in the
mute inhibit mode by a switch that is installed in the aircraft.
KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide