Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

Audio Panel Operation
Rev. 1
KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide
Pressing and holding the MKR MUTE/TEST button for five seconds
causes the marker beacon discretes to go high for one second in order
to test the marker beacon. The marker beacon annunciations are
shown on an external display.
NOTE: The Split Mode is used only in a single audio panel environ-
ment. It allows the pilot and copilot to transmit and receive on
different COM radios.
The typical Split Mode operation is as follows:
1. Both pilot and copilot are on COM 1 microphone (as indicated by
both the left and right arrows being lit on COM 1).
2. To split to COM 2, the pilot pushes the pilot side (left side) of the
SPLIT button. The LED above the pilot side of the SPLIT button
lights, indicating the SPLIT mode is initiated.
3. The pilot then presses COM 2 microphone. The pilot arrow indicator
above the COM 2 microphone lights. The pilot is now connected to
the COM 2 microphone.
4. The pilot access indicator on the COM 1 microphone turns off, leav-
ing the copilot with sole access to the COM 1 microphone.
5. The intercom system (ICS) modes changes to isolated (ISO). The
pilot indicator over the SPLIT button turns off.
When the Split Mode is activated, the intercom automatically reverts to
the Isolated Mode. However, the ICS button can be used to enable the
Crew and All modes for intercommunications. To exit the Split Mode,
the pilot and copilot should select the same COM MIC button.
The Split Mode operation permits one user to enable both COM 5 and
any other COM (1 thru 4), while simultaneously allowing the other user
to select one of the remaining COMs (1 thru 4). The following is an
example of this configuration:
The pilot selects COM 5 (Telephone) and COM 1 MIC
The copilot enables the Split Mode by pressing the right side
(copilot side) of the SPLIT button.
The copilot then selects COM 2 MIC.