Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

Audio Panel Operation
Rev. 0
The intercom system is an IntelliVox
automatic voice activated system.
The IntelliVox
circuitry eliminates the need for manual adjustments of
the squelch. Through three individual signal processors, the ambient
noise appearing in all six microphones is constantly being sampled.
Non-voice signals are blocked. When someone speaks, the microphone
circuit opens, placing their voice on the intercom. The system is
designed to block continuous tones, therefore, someone humming or
whistling in monotone may be blocked after a few moments.
For consistent performance, any headset microphone must be placed
within 1/4 inch of your lips, preferably against them. It is also a good
idea to keep the microphone out of a direct wind path. Moving your
head through a vent air stream may cause the IntelliVox
to open
momentarily. This is normal.
For optimum microphone performance, Honeywell recommends instal-
lation of a Microphone Muff Kit from Oregon Aero (1-800-888-6910) or
equivalent. This will not only optimize VOX acoustic performance, but
will also improve the overall clarity of all your communications.
The volume control for the intercom is the CREW/PAX ICS VOL knob.
Refer to the CREW/PAX ICS VOL (Crew/Passenger Intercom System
Volume) Knob paragraph in this Pilot’s Guide for additional information.
All passenger headsets are connected in parallel. If a monaural headset
is plugged in to a KMA 29 installation, one channel is shorted. Although
no damage will occur to the unit, all passengers will lose one channel
unless they switch to the MONO mode on the headset.
The intercom modes are given in the following table:
KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide