Honeywell KMA 29 Marine Instruments User Manual

Audio Panel Operation
When enabled in the installation, COM 5 serves as a full duplex inter-
face for telephone systems. When interfaced with specific aircraft
approved FAA/FCC cellular telephone equipment, the audio panel can
serve as an audio control and distribution center. The audio panel acts
as an audio interface between aircraft headphone and microphones and
The pilot selects telephone by selecting COM 5 on the audio panel. The
copilot and passengers each have an external hook switch to allow
them to use the telephone.
When COM 5 is configured for duplex and is selected, the pilot micro-
phone and headphones are connected to the phone. The pilot PTT
switches the pilot microphone to the selected COM transceiver and
allows continued aircraft communications. The copilot is able to transmit
on the other selected radio with the copilot PTT switch as well.
When the KMA 29 audio panel is configured for COM 5 duplex opera-
tion, it functions as follows:
1. The pilot selects telephone by selecting COM 5 on the audio panel.
2. The copilot selects telephone using the external copilot hook switch.
3. The passengers select telephone using the external passenger
hook switch.
NOTE: The use of non-aviation approved cellular telephone equipment
may be prohibited by regulation. Honeywell is not responsible
for unauthorized airborne use of cellular telephones. For air-
borne use, the KMA 29 audio panel must be interfaced with an
approved system.
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KMA 29 Audio Panel Pilot’s Guide