Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
The safe use and operation of this water-
craft is dependent upon the use of proper
riding techniques, as well as upon the
common sense, good judgment, and ex-
pertise of the operator. Every operator
should know the following requirements
before riding the watercraft.
Before operating the watercraft, read this
owners/operators manual, the Riding
Practice Guide, the Riding Instruction card,
and all labels on the watercraft. Also, watch
the Basic Orientation Video provided with
your watercraft. These materials should
give you an understanding of the watercraft
and its operation.
Never allow anyone to operate this water-
craft until they too have read this own-
ers/operators manual, the Riding Practice
Guide, the Riding Instruction card, and all
labels, and, if possible, watched the Basic
Orientation Video.
Showing them the video may help reinforce
the information contained in these materi-
Limitations on who may
operate the watercraft
Yamaha recommends a minimum operator
age of 16 years old.
Adults must supervise use by minors.
Know the operator age and training require-
ments for your state. A boating safety
course is recommended and may be re-
quired in your state. You can find local rules
by contacting the United States Coast
Guard (USCG), the National Association of
State Boating Law Administrators, or your
local Power Squadron.
This watercraft is designed to carry the op-
erator and up to 2 passengers. Never ex-
ceed the maximum load limit or allow more
than 3 persons (or 2 persons if a water-skier
is being pulled) to ride the watercraft at any
Do not operate the watercraft with any pas-
sengers on board until you have consider-
able practice and experience riding alone.
Operating the watercraft with passengers
requires more skill. Take the time to be-
come accustomed to the handling charac-
Maximum load:
240 kg (530 lb)
Load is the total weight of cargo, oper-
ator, and passengers.
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