Yamaha VX Cruiser Jet Ski User Manual

Safety information
The operator and passengers should al-
ways keep their feet on the floor of the foot-
well when the watercraft is in motion. Lifting
your feet increases the chances of losing
your balance, or hitting objects outside the
watercraft with your feet. Do not give a ride
to children if their feet cannot reach the floor
of the footwell.
The passengers should hold on firmly, ei-
ther to the person in front of them or to the
handgrip provided.
Never allow a passenger to ride in front of
the operator.
Always consult your doctor on whether it is
safe for you to ride this watercraft if you are
pregnant or in poor health.
Do not attempt to modify this watercraft.
Modifications to your watercraft may reduce
safety and reliability, and render the water-
craft unsafe or illegal for use.
Attach the engine shut-off cord (lanyard) to
your left wrist and keep it free from the han-
dlebars so that the engine stops if you, the
operator, fall off. After riding, remove the
engine shut-off cord (lanyard) from the wa-
tercraft to avoid accidental starting or unau-
thorized use by children or others.
Scan carefully for swimmers and stay away
from swimming areas. Swimmers are hard
to see and you could accidentally hit some-
one in the water.
Avoid being hit by another boat. You should
always take the responsibility to watch for
traffic; other boaters may not be watching
for you. If they do not see you, or if you ma-
neuver more quickly than other boaters ex-
pect, you risk a collision.
Maintain a safe distance from other boats
and watercraft, and also watch for ski ropes
or fishing lines. Obey the Rules of the
Road and be sure to check behind you be-
fore making a turn. (See Rules of the
Road on page 18.)
According to the USCG, boats under 6.1 m
(20 ft) in length like your watercraft must
carry a fire extinguisher of a B-1 classifica-
tion, with a capacity of two pounds or more
when navigating in waters under USCG ju-
risdiction. In addition, most state and local
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